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This is a website established to expose some truths about the expungement process so that you don't spend your hard earned money on services you don't need. We do not sell any services on this website, but rather provide you with 100% free advice. This website will help you understand the expungement laws in California and help you evaluate the different companies out there that provide expungement services. Knowledge is power, and the information on this website will help you make an educated decision regarding your expungement needs.

What is Expungement Exactly?

Learn what expungement is and what it will, and will not, do for you and your family. 

Should You Hire An Attorney?

Learn about how complex the expungement process is and decide whether an attorney is necessary for your expungement case. 

How To Hire An Expungement Professional?

Learn about what to watch out for when hiring somebody to handle your expungement for you, which will save you a lot of time and money. 


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